A table-top game that teaches teams why built-in quality will make them more productive

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Built-in Quality Game

Learn how investing in software development best practices will make you more productive by playing rather than learning queuing theory!

Close up of the built-in quality game setup during a play at Murex

1 Minute Pitch

Why would we lose time with unit testing when we already have a QA department writing automated tests?

If this is the kind of answers you get from your colleagues, then this game is made for you!

It can be very hard to get people to invest in built-in quality practices. These practices have an unintuitively greater impact on productivity than downstream quality practices. Instead of torturing your colleagues with a training on the queuing theory, just play the Built-in Quality Game! Players will experience and feel the built-in-quality speed-up.

Key benefits of the game include:

  • Unlike other serious games, this one uses a realistic software team setting
  • It covers the full value stream, from idea to deployment
  • It contains both exploratory (Lean Startup, Walking skeleton) and correctness (BDD, TDD, CI, DevOps, Software Crafting) practices
  • All the rules and material are available to get you started quickly
  • It’s short, a game is only 1h15
  • It’s fun

Try it, learn plenty, have a good time and transform the way you work!

How it started

Even though queuing theory is the real explanation of why investing in quality up-front will make your team faster. The problem is that it is not the funniest topic to study. After trying the standard training approach at Murex, we decided to go for something else, and created this table-top (serious) game.

How does it go?

The game is a collaborative game that lasts for about 1h15. The whole team can play. While the game’s goal is to maximize output, the training goal is to let people experience the change in flow as they invest in new skills.

How to use this game?

Playing the game is a 4 steps process:

  1. Read the rules
  2. Read the animator’s guide
  3. Read the Practice reference sheet
  4. Print and cut-out the material
  5. Play the game


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