5 XP practices that will make your remote team more effective

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By focusing on small increments and collaboration, XP practices like CI, Pair or Mob programming, TDD, continuous refactoring and TCR make remote work easier.

Drawing of the words "5 XP Practices 4 Remote Coding"

A while ago, Ahmad and I worked in a remote team for about 2 years. When Ahmad joined the team, we were already on our way to eXtreme Programming. XP by the book recommends onsite teams. With a new remote worker, it was tempting to simply abandon XP. Instead, we decided to push it further than 10, and see how it could work for a remote team.

We’ve already wrote and talked about the tools and processes we used to be an effective remote team. It turns out remote programming teamwork is also about the way we write code…

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A few weeks ago, I wrote a guest post for my friend Ahmad. Here was the beginning.

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