I help teams and organizations develop innovative, creative, and long-term solutions to complex or recurring problems (from working agreements to product strategy, passing through design, architecture, and cultural transformation) by setting up outstanding, humane, practical, and productive collaboration. In the process, I’ll leave teams ready for continued success by helping them up-skill.

As an experienced software architect and agile coach, I propose two services: Strategic Workshops and Focused Training.

In all my interventions, I will teach you and your team how to do it yourself, so you can continue to improve and grow even after our work together is complete.

Strategic workshops

Philippe successfully facilitated an Event Storming workshop at Inato, and I strongly recommend him! (Bastien Duret, CTO at Inato)

Philippe did marvels to bond product and tech teams! (Jonathan Soto, former CTO at Visages.Jobs)

My strategic workshops are short and intense and will help you answer critical questions like:

  • We just reached product-market fit. How do we prepare for scaling?
  • How do we get started with this new product?
  • What should we deliver first?
  • What refactoring strategy should we favor?
  • How do we organize our teams effectively?
  • What parts of our software should we buy? Or put all our efforts on?
  • How do we ensure long-term productivity by managing technical debt?

I offer large-scale, strategic, all-in architecture workshops to answer these questions. These workshops include between 3 to 100 or more people, last only a few days, break silos, create alignment, and leverage diversity.

These workshops rely on a blend of Liberating Structures (large-scale facilitation techniques) mixed with other architecture models like:

  • Event Storming
  • Architecture Katas
  • Quality Views
  • C4
  • etc

Focused Training

I provide training sessions to grow technical and collaboration skills. With them, you will:

  • Deliver both features and clean code with TDD and baby steps.
  • Improve teamwork, tackle complex problems, and make better decisions with Pair and Mob Programming.
  • Deliver despite Legacy Code with large-scale and safe refactoring techniques.
  • Do collaborative design, break silos, and create alignment by learning Liberating Structures: large-scale facilitation techniques.

No long-term missions

I don’t offer long-term missions because I believe in empowering teams to be self-sufficient and self-improving. My goal is to help you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, so you can continue to succeed on your own.

Get in touch

If you have a software development challenge that you’d like to discuss: please don’t hesitate to contact me. I’m always happy to help!