About Me

Philippe Bourgau, Continuous Refactoring Coach

Life is too short for boring stuff! I help software engineers to reach a productive and sustainable pace through continuous refactoring of their code and organization.

An early adopter of eXtreme Programming, I have been practicing since 2003 and mentoring teams since 2006. Thanks to XP and refactoring, I have delivered high quality, fit to purpose and future proof software with less stress and overtime.

I have worked on all aspects of software : technical, product, people, process, quality. I contributed to 2 persons as well as multi-teams projects. I designed greenfield systems but also refactored legacy code bases.

Mainstream agile methods like Scrum or Kanban might get teams to collaborate better. It’s only through XP’s high technical standards and focus on merciless refactoring that a team can reap the business benefits of Continuous Delivery.

I have successfully used merciless refactoring, continuous improvement and other XP practices in unforeseen contexts like remote work, R&D projects, and large teams. Today, I help teams to reach a productive and sustainable pace by adopting these practices, in their special context.

Finally, I love doing side projects, from wannabe businesses to open source.

I’m currently coaching at Murex and here’s my resume.

Side projects

Here are the main side projects I’ve been working on throughout the years