Mining GitHub For New Hires

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In search of an experienced software engineer

We have been trying to hire such a profile for the last year … The position is hopefully filled now. During that year, we have tried to mine github for candidates. Here is how we did it.

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Software engineers, especially experienced, are known to be hard to find. Over the past months, we had steadily been improving our hiring process :

  • By regularly rewriting and optimizing our job post
  • By posting it on Twitter
  • By defining a precise interview template

We went from very few applications to :

  • More applications
  • More experienced candidates
  • Regular interviews
  • Effective interviews

Unfortunately, we were still not interviewing candidates as skilled as we would have liked to. We were convinced that we were offering a great job : the project is very interesting, and the team is a dream to work in.

How could we reach more great devs ?

Someday, I played with github’s Rest Api and I managed to write a short ruby script that finds the contributors to a given project that are living near Paris (France).

require 'rubygems'
require 'rest_client'
require 'json'

RestClient.proxy = "http://proxy:3128"

def github_get(resource)
  JSON.parse(RestClient.get("{resource}", params: {
                              access_token: 'XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX',
                              per_page: 200}))

repo = ARGV[0]

puts "searching for #{repo} contributors in France"

contributors = github_get("/repos/#{repo}/contributors")
logins_locations = do |user|
    login = user['login']
    location = github_get("/users/#{login}")['location']
    {login: login, location: location}
  rescue Exception => e
    puts "could not see details of #{login} #{e}"
    {login: login }

puts "Here are all the contributors"
puts logins_locations
french_contributors = do |login_location|
  location = login_location[:location]
  location != nil and
    (location.downcase.include?('france') or

puts "----------------------------"
puts "Here are all the frenchcontributors"
puts french_contributors

What’s next ?

We eventually filled the position before following our github experiment. We might continue some day though ! Here is a list of improvements I thought of :

It really looks like if software is eating recruitment …

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