Real Developers Ship

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If you are a developer and you are not shipping, you’re in the danger zone. I believe it’s mostly your fault, and it’s time to act.

A delivery key on a keyboard

Nothing new

It’s been told before. Famous blogs have said the same thing :

What does it really mean ?

If you are not shipping, are you really developing something ? Maybe it’s more some kind of research project, or maybe you are just there for learning ? Real Developers know what they are in for.

If you are not shipping because the quality is too bad, that’s because you’ve been developing poor quality software … Real developers write quality software. (BTW, shipping bug fixes is not shipping)

If you are not shipping because you don’t have yet enough features, that’s because your MVP is not small enough (despite the current Skateboard metaphor, this is not an MVP). So Real developers follow lean (startup) principles.

If you are not shipping because it’s much work, that’s because you did not automate delivery. Real developers use continuous delivery.

If you are not shipping because someone else said so, maybe it’s time to convince her. Real developers know how to deal with people.

If you are not shipping because you are in a shitty environment … Real developers work on their skills to be able to quit when needed.

Shipping above all else

My point is that every developer or organization containing developers should put shipping value as their absolute priority, and things should get a lot simpler.

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