Scrum with component teams leads to Waterfall Agile!

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This infographic presents the perils of Scrum with component teams. It pushes organizations back in Waterfall Agile, late deliveries and non-sustainable work.

A drawing explaining the vicious circle of Scrum with Component Teams. Interdependent component teams + Scrum -> Painful integration -> Request for better specifications -> More time spent specifying -> More Big Design Up Front -> Waterfall Agile -> Painful integration -> ... Along the way, More time spent specifying -> Late Delivery
By Philippe Bourgau, under CC BY-SA 4.0, high resolution image


A small ratio of component teams is not necessary bad. When features involve many component teams though, we’re in painful integration and Waterfall. If this is your case, you’d rather rethink your teams organization. Here are 2 strategies:

During this summer, I’ll post a few similar infographics. Next one is How to play planning poker… Badass Mode!

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