Sustain Collective Intelligence with Event Storming

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Event Storming builds collective intelligence. We can keep it alive if we continue to work closely together and regularly repeat Event Storming.

Drawing of an infographics of the Event Storming loop: Devs meet domain experts -> Grow collective intelligence superpowers -> Make complex decisions in a short time -> Try for real -> Learn -> Devs meet domain experts -> ...
By Philippe Bourgau, under CC BY-SA 4.0, high resolution image

Don’t use Event Storming to do upfront design!

Event Storming is an iterative process: design, prototype, test, learn, repeat, etc.

It would  be a shame to stop the momentum once the Event Storming is over. As soon as you leave the workshop, start one of the these:

And then return to the Event Storming design board with more knowledge. Focus and risk reduction are the keys to a sustainable pace.

💡 Event Storming builds collective intelligence, work as a mob to keep it alive!

I’ve since written about introducing Event Storming and DDD in your organization: Organization refactoring: Event Storming and DDD injection.

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