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As agile and lean methodologies are gaining some place inside the workplace, especially in large corporations, I heard and saw quite a few teams struggling with their whiteboard because of :

  • falling post-its
  • too few magnets
  • looking alike customized magnets

The best practice seemed to order magnetic paper, and loose half a day to create individual avatars, print them and stick them to small pieces of magnetic paper.

This is the main idea behind AgileAvatars.com. The main feature would be :

  • create the avatars for your whole team
  • pass a group order, and receive the whole package directly at work

For the moment, I am just testing the idea, so please enter your email in the contact form to push the product. Tweet about it and it will be even better !

If it turns out people are interested, I’ll start defining the MVP with the interested users :

  • How much should I charge to burn the magnets ?
  • Should it be a web or phone app ?
  • How to create the avatars ?

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