magnets for real

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A software team is now using Scrum and magnets in their daily work ! A few days ago, I sold my first lot of agile magnets. These customers were ready to experiment and iterate, and after trying some things that did not work so well, we came to a great result :

  • As the surface of the magnets is rather small (4 by 4 centimeters), it required enough magnetic force to hold post-its and bristol cards to the board. I now use some 0.75 mm thick magnetic board, the same that is used to stick ads on driving cars
  • The magnets will be moved from hand to hand every day, I chose high quality glossy paper to make sure they’ll stand the test of time.

Photo of our first real magnets

I did not yet build any automatic order site or app, but I can now ship magnets for real though ! Don’t hesitate to contact me through my email or the contact form on if ever you want more !

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