I just replaced Feedburner with MailChimp

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Until now, I had been using Feedburner to manage the email subscriptions to my blog on mes-courses.fr. It had been working fine I thought it had been working fine until a friend of mine asked me if I was still working on it, since it had been a time since she did not receive any email !

It turned out that feedburner had not been forwarding emails for 6 months and that it had gone unnoticed … I had already had this issue before, and it was because my rss was not well formed according to feedburner (something related to unicode encoding I think). So to summarise :

  • I lost trust in feedburner to forward my posts correctly
  • Feedburner is not maintained by Google anymore
  • They have been persistant rumors about Google shutting down Feedburner completly especially since the Reader shut down

I started looking for alternatives. I tried Nourish and MailChimp I did not manage to make Nourish work like I wanted, but I found MailChimp an intuitive and well documented product.

The setup with MailChimp was a lot longer than with Feedburner, but the result is great. I feed a lot more confident about these emails being delivered now.

There are a few points I still miss though :

  • The social forward does not seem to work the same easy way, it looks like if MailChimp pushes the email content to your networks, but not a direct link to your blog
  • MailChimp does not track non-email subscribers to your rss. I’ll have to check my analytics to see how to do it.

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