Auchandirect-ScrAPI : an unofficial API Ruby Gem

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Every brands should provide an API for developpers … unfortunately, it far from the truth right now. A few years ago, when I started my side project, I would have loved to find a french online grocery providing an open API. I had to resort to scrapping (that’s how I learnt that heavily relying on scrapping for a 15hr/week side project is not a good fit … but that’s another story).

As I am taking down, I have extracted the whole unofficial API I had built around (I’m talking to you french hackers !) into an open source Ruby Gem. Briefly :

  • It walks the whole store, from categories to items
  • Given valid credentials, it can fill and save a cart
  • It’s LGPL : anyone can use it as long as they give back any improvement to the community
  • It’s using Storexplore, another of my rip-off open source Ruby Gem
  • It’s tested on Travis and I’m currently trying to make it daily tested with Traviscron

There’s mainly one thing it cannot do :

  • It cannot procede to any payment or ordering

It’s available on Github

Happy scrapping !

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