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If you remove your job, you are promoted. (a classic lean quote)

In Management 3.0, Jurgen Appelo suggests doing full team 360° feedback sessions instead of more traditional manager-collaborator meetings.

The cover of Management 3.0 book

He argues in favor of this practice in order to :

  • obviously, get some feedback and improve
  • also give feedback to the manager so he too can improve
  • help the team to further self organize
  • practice everyone’s people skills
  • have more quality objective feedback than subjective manager feedback
  • free some manager time

Our Experience

We just gave it a try. As a fist experiment, we did it at just 3, all willing to try. Here is the ROTI (Return On Time Invested)

Grade(/5) Comment
5 Useful and healthy. It’s a way to stop grumbling. It’s also the occasion to say things that we often don’t.
5 I’m leaving the room with real improvement topics. It calms my emotions, it’s like “balm for the heart”
5 I’m getting out with great advises. I think it’s great for team spirit. It took 1h for just the 3 of us, I’m wondering how we’ll manage this if we are more ?

If you want to try it

A few last minute advises :

  • Don’t force it onto people, start with volunteers
  • There must be a safe and positive atmosphere in the team
  • This is an improvement exercices, and it should not be used as any kind of evaluation
  • Learn how to give feedback
    • Our company provides trainings on non violent communication and positive feedback, maybe yours does too !
    • Appelo explains how to give written feedback in his other book #Workout. Though better suited for email feedback, I found it a great way to prepare for the session.

The front page of #Workout chapter about written feedback

I’d like to ear about your experiences with such collaborative feedbacks.

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