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I just invented the word, I found it funny :

Silosis: an internal organization of an enterprise in which people are grouped by job titles. Although not obvious at first sight, it usually involves excessively high communication costs. Worst cases can create vicious circles where more ‘communication people’ are added which in turn increase the overall communication costs …

Silos under a grey sky

Here are other reasons I don’t like silos :

  • Silos create local optimums, which lean theory (and mathematics) taught us is bad
  • Silos create specialists, which bring the whole system to a halt when they leave
  • Silos create work queue, which increase cycle time
  • Silos create some form of black market in the organization, through which people can bypass the official communication channel and actually get the job done
  • Silos hides the big picture to anyone, thus removing autonomy from and demotivating people

I could go one for hours … I just hate silos.

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