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ReXP : Remote eXtreme Programming

1 minute read

My colleague Ahmad from Beirut gave a talk at Agile Tour Beirut on Saturday about how we adopted XP to a distributed team at work. I gave him a hand and play...

Flavors of TDD

3 minute read

During the years doing some coding dojos with the same circle of people, I came up with my own style of practicing TDD. Lately, I had the chance to do a pair...

How NOT to use mocks, my talk at Paris.rb

less than 1 minute read

As I already wrote about, mocks can be trecherous … I gave a talk about how to avoid them last tuesday at Paris.rb meetup. Here are the slides.

Kudo Boxes for Kids

1 minute read

How do you get your kids to participate with housekeeping ? I guess that’s the dream of all parents. As so, we’ve tried quite a lot of tactics throughout the...