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Motivation game

1 minute read

At MegaCorp where I am currently working, there is a small team that is dedicated to find solutions to software bugs that regularly happen in production. The...

Rails autoload good practices

1 minute read

I started using rails autoload to load files in my lib folder of Before that, I had been using hand written require statements, an...

Hackers et peintres

30 minute read

This is a french translation of the famous Hackers and painters essay written by Paul Graham.

Ruby thirdparties best practices

less than 1 minute read

I am just finishing migrating from rails 2 to rails 3, and I can assure that I learnt these lessons the hard way …

stub_model and mock_model

less than 1 minute read

I decided to stop using stub_model and mock_model. I do not use them enough to get fluent with them. Every time I have to deal with them, something breaks in...